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We are pleased to announce Jesse Flores as our newest Mercedes-Benz Partner. Jesse is a veteran Sales Advisor from the San Jose dealership. His knowledge of AMGs and passion for fine European designs bring a wealth of knowledge to our team.   Jesse Flores - Mercedes Benz of San Jose floresanayaj@autonation.com | 1.408.470.BENZ | @jf__0106   Are you searching for a new Mercedes-Benz? Our Partners page connects you with leading Sales Advisors nationwide.

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AMG, Electric, EQ, G-Wagon, Model X, Tesla -

This is an electric Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon Coupe LWB concept that is designed in line with the current GLE and GLC Coupe models. It’s called an Engery, because it’s powertrain is imported from a Model X. The G-Wagon Coupe is a 2+2 pillarless fastback design, that maintains its angular sharpness. The G-Class Coupe feels lighter and sportier than a new G-Class from a Mercedes dealership. Coupes are built with a carbon fiber hood, fenders, tire case, wheels, and more. With the windows down and panorama roof open, you are treated to full visibility of the road. The design is a work in progress by the Players Club team. Drop us an email or comment...

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