Happy National Corvette Day!

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Save 15% on Corvette parts on PlayersClub.Shop from National Corvette Day June 30th, 2021 through July 5th, 2021

The CORVETTE discount is applied automatically at checkout for the following parts:

Corvette C7 Carbon Fiber Kit | https://playersclub.shop/products/corvette-c7-carbon-fiber-kit

Corvette C7 Carbon Fiber Wide Body Kit | https://playersclub.shop/products/corvette-c7-carbon-fiber-wide-body-kit

Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber Kit | https://playersclub.shop/products/corvette-c8-carbon-fiber-kit

Corvette Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel | https://playersclub.shop/products/corvette-carbon-fiber-steering-wheel

Corvette Forged 8-Cross Spoke Wheels | https://playersclub.shop/products/corvette-8-spoke-cross-forged-wheels

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