About Players Club

What We Do

In 2022, we partnered with SmartBiz to offer small business and commercial real estate financing through the SBA and institutional bank lending partners. We are luxury and electric vehicle specialists that help upgrade your ride with custom forged wheels and aftermarket parts.

When ordering, we will discuss the specifications of your vehicle model and wheel build. Once you select your desired wheel size, we will provide you with a preview of your wheels to confirm the desired specs with the backspacing for brake clearance. From there, the manufacturing process starts. Your wheels will arrive via UPS in 7-8 weeks from your order date.

Please contact us directly via email at email@playersclub.shop or via phone at +1 (470) 765-8473.

Ethics and Values

Our knowledge and passion for cars inspires us to provide the best customer service to our members so you can easily get your wheels. Our goal is to make custom Mercedes-Benz wheels simple and easy for you. We guarantee your wheels with a 3 year structural warranty and 1 year finish warranty.

A portion of sales proceeds go towards our philanthropic efforts to install electric vehicle charging stations in underserved communities in Los Angeles, California and Atlanta, Georgia.