Ultimate Guide to Hummer EV Wheels

Ultimate Guide to Hummer EV Wheels

The Hummer EV is a true off-road beast, and its wheels play a vital role in its performance and style. If you're looking to take your Hummer EV to the next level, consider upgrading to a set of custom forged wheels from Players Club.

Standard Hummer EV Wheel Sizes

The Hummer EV comes standard with two wheel sizes:

  • 18x9" with 305/70 tires
  • 22x9.5" with 305/55 tires

These are both great options, but if you're looking for something truly unique, consider going with a custom set of forged wheels.

Benefits of Forged Wheels

Forged wheels offer several benefits over factory cast wheels:

  • Lighter: Forged wheels are lighter than cast wheels, which can improve your Hummer EV's handling and performance.
  • More durable: Forged wheels are also more durable than cast wheels, meaning they're less likely to crack or bend.
  • Lifetime warranty: Players Club offers a lifetime warranty on our forged wheels, so you can be confident that your investment will last for years to come.

Customizing Your Hummer EV Wheels

We offer a wide variety of custom options for your Hummer EV wheels, including:

  • Custom color finish: We can match any color you want, so you can get the perfect look for your vehicle.
  • Hummer EV center caps: We offer a variety of Hummer EV center caps to match your wheels.
  • Wheel sizes: We can build Hummer EV wheels in sizes 18", 20", 22", and 24".

Browse Our Collection

We have a wide selection of custom forged wheels for the Hummer EV. Check out our Players Club Forged Wheels Collection to see a variety of options.

Forged Classic

5 Sharp
10 Star
5 Slant
5 G
10 U
15 Straight
7 Cross
5 Y
5 Split

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