Introducing Players Club's New Line of Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Introducing Players Club's New Line of Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Players Club is excited to announce the launch of our new line of carbon ceramic brakes. We are an industry leader in aftermarket carbon fiber parts development for high performance luxury vehicles. We focus on Mercedes, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Tesla makes, which all offer carbon ceramic brake options from the factory. However, when the brake discs and pads need replacing, they are quite costly from the dealership.

Players Club offers OEM+ direct replacement carbon ceramic brake discs and compatible brake pads for popular models including but not limited to the AMG GT, S63 AMG, Lamborghini Huracan, Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren 600LT, McLaren 720S, and Tesla Model S.

Our carbon ceramic brakes offer a number of advantages over stock brakes, including:

  • Increased stopping power: Carbon ceramic brakes can dissipate heat more effectively than stock brakes, which means they can provide more stopping power under heavy braking conditions. This is especially important for high performance vehicles that are driven on the track.
  • Longer lifespan: Carbon ceramic brakes are much more durable than stock brakes and can last up to 10 times longer. This means you will save money on brake replacements in the long run.
  • Reduced weight: Carbon ceramic brakes are much lighter than stock brakes, which can improve the handling of your vehicle.
  • Improved looks: Carbon ceramic brakes add a touch of luxury and performance to your vehicle.

If you are looking for a high performance, long lasting, and stylish brake upgrade for your luxury vehicle, then Players Club's carbon ceramic brakes are the perfect choice for you. Visit our website today to learn more about our products and to find the perfect set of brakes for your vehicle.

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