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Players Club is the first 100% solar powered fast charging club for all electric vehicles in the US.
  • The club consists of 500 Solar Stations that are sequentially linked to 500 unique NFTs.
  • NFT holders are guaranteed exclusive naming rights to their Solar Station and 1% annual royalties from its network fees.

Solar Stations

Players Club Solar Stations give US electric vehicle drivers access to our network of 100% solar powered fast charging stations.

Players Club Members that own NFTs are guaranteed 6 rights:

  1. Naming rights to their Solar Station
  2. 1% annual royalties from the network fees of their Solar Station
  3. First rights to build (in real life) and receive 3D images of their Players Club Pegasus
  4. Reservation priority charging at Solar Stations
  5. Exclusive in-app rewards and rebates
  6. Exclusive offers on

Players Club Membership Rights

The benefits are that NFT holders become supporting members of a 100% renewable fast charging network. The royalty is perpetual and should offset their annual charging cost, meaning they always get to charge for free.
  • We install an Solar Station for each NFT in our collection. The Pegasus is utility NFT art that guarantees naming rights and royalties to a charging station in our network.
  • Players Club NFT owners are also guaranteed the first rights to build their Pegasus, a 100% electric SUV.

Our NFT project supports the environment. We utilize carbon neutral footprint charging and spread access to zero emissions electric vehicles. Our first charging station debuts in 2022 Q4 in Atlanta, GA.

Players Club NFTs are limited to 500 unique pieces. For details on the collection, please visit the following links:



Bitcoin Talk





Players Club Pegasus NFT Guide