Players Club Wheels Distributor Program for Custom Forged Wheels, Carbon Fiber & Brakes

Ever dreamed of offering your customers the ultimate in custom forged wheels, high-performance brakes, and sleek carbon fiber accessories? Look no further! Players Club Wheels is thrilled to announce the launch of our wholesale program, designed to empower businesses like yours to elevate their offerings and drive revenue growth.

Why Partner with Players Club Wheels?

  • Unmatched Quality: Our custom forged wheels are crafted from the finest materials, ensuring exceptional strength, durability, and style. Our carbon fiber components and performance brakes are equally top-notch, guaranteeing a superior driving experience for your clients.
  • Boost Your Brand: As a Players Club Wheels distributor, you'll gain access to our extensive marketing reach. We'll promote your brand on our popular blog, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels, exposing you to a wider audience of automotive enthusiasts.
  • Seamless Logistics: We offer convenient drop-shipping options, allowing you to fulfill orders directly to your customers without the hassle of inventory management or shipping logistics.
  • Revenue Growth: Our partnership is designed to be mutually beneficial. By expanding your product line with our premium offerings, you'll attract new customers, increase sales, and boost your bottom line.

Who Should Apply?

Our wholesale program is ideal for a variety of automotive businesses, including:

  • Wheel & Tire Shops
  • Auto Service Shops
  • Auto Body Shops
  • Car Detailing Shops
  • Car Tint and Wrap Shops
  • Car Stereo Shops
  • Dealerships
  • Car Brokers
  • Car Photographers
  • Automotive Social Media Influencers

Ready to Get Started?

Take the next step towards elevating your business and delighting your customers. Download and complete the application today to open your wholesale account and explore the exciting opportunities that await!

Join the Players Club Wheels family and let's drive success together!