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Help Yourself  to a Custom Carbon Fiber AMG GT63 Hood. You Earned it!

Help Yourself to a Custom Carbon Fiber AMG GT63 Hood. You Earned it!

11th Jun 2024

Every AMG GT63 owner knows that feeling: the thrill of walking up to their sleek beast, admiring its design and power. But have you ever thought about taking that admiration to the next level? What if you could make your GT63 stand out even more, with a custom touch that's both stylish and functional?

Well, the good news is, you can! One of the most impactful ways to upgrade your AMG GT63 is by replacing the factory hood with a custom carbon fiber hood. And trust us, this isn't just any hood – we're talking about a vented TopCar Design hood, designed specifically for the GT63 4-Door, AMG GT53, and AMG GT43.

Why Choose a Carbon Fiber Hood?

Carbon fiber is a high-performance material that's both lightweight and incredibly strong. This makes it an ideal choice for car parts, as it can improve performance by reducing weight and increasing stiffness. But that's not all – carbon fiber also has a distinct, eye-catching look that screams luxury and performance.

The TopCar Design AMG GT63 hood takes things even further with its unique vented design. These vents not only add to the hood's aggressive aesthetic, but they also serve a practical purpose by improving airflow and cooling for your engine.

Carbon Fiber AMG GT63 Hood

Customization Options

But the best part about this hood is the customization options. You can choose a custom color for the vents to match your car's body color or create a contrasting accent. In the example pictured here, the vents are a vibrant blue that perfectly complements the Designo Brilliant Blue Magno AMG GT63S body color.

Carbon Fiber AMG GT63 Hood

Easy Installation

Worried about complicated modifications? Don't be! This hood is designed as a direct replacement for the factory hood, so it fits perfectly without any modifications required. Installation is quick and easy, and the results are simply stunning.

AMG GT63 Carbon Fiber Hood

Contact Us

Ready to give your AMG GT63 the upgrade it deserves? Contact us at Players Club Wheels! We'll help you choose the perfect custom color for your vents and get your new hood installed in no time. You can call us or send us an email, and our team will be happy to assist you.

Don't settle for ordinary. Make your AMG GT63 extraordinary with a custom carbon fiber hood. It's a simple change that makes a huge difference!

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