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Widebody Urus Showcase: Carbon Fiber Hood

Widebody Urus Showcase: Carbon Fiber Hood

2nd Apr 2024

Craving a head-turning transformation for your Lamborghini Urus? Look no further than a custom widebody kit! Players Club offers the pinnacle of Urus customization - the TopCar Design Widebody Urus Carbon Fiber Kit. This comprehensive package injects an undeniable dose of aggressive style into your super SUV.

Lamborghini Urus Custom

A true standout within this kit is the Carbon Fiber Hood. This sculpted masterpiece completely replaces the stock hood, seamlessly integrating with all Urus models. The beauty of this upgrade? It's a direct swap – no modifications required! The lightweight carbon fiber construction offers functional benefits alongside its undeniable aesthetic appeal.

Widebody Urus

But perhaps the greatest strength of carbon fiber is its versatility. This material complements every Lamborghini paint color imaginable, ensuring a perfect match for your Urus's unique personality.

Lamborghini Urus Widebody

Ready to witness the widebody Urus in all its glory?

Custom Lamborghini Urus

At Players Club, we are widebody Urus specialists. Our team is passionate about helping you create the Urus of your dreams. We'll answer your questions and guide you through every step of the customization process. Contact us today via chat or email – let's get your widebody Urus project rolling!